The best of times

There has never been a better time to be alive! Even I didn’t believe this phrase, but now I believe it. This is an age of much discovery and progress. The opportunities are all around us if we just look around us. The innovation will free up our time to create more innovation. Tomorrow will be better than today, but today is great.

There will be growing pains. We will have recessions, many will lose their jobs. Civil unrest may take hold, but from these events, the whole of humanity will benefit. Revolutions like we are seeing in Venezuela and Syria are the result of a more informed society, and that is good. Dictators are holding onto power as long as they can, but they will not be able to for long.

In this writing, I will focus on the good things happening all around us. The innovations, progress and overall good news for those who are concerned that they may lose in this new economy.

The biggest thing is to not let fear overtake your heart. Fear is the enemy to faith. Fear and doubt cannot abide at the same time. Politicians and other influencers use fear as a way to control. Sure, change is scary. Being out of your comfort zone is scary, but time and progress will march on with or without us. The time is now to embrace the future.


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