Shop Around

For over 20 years Amazon has been that grocery store pounding you with advertisements, luring you in with their free hotdogs and low prices. Now, the shareholders want earnings and it’s game on.

Since becoming the online bookstore, Amazon has done a lot to diversify. They have expanded into cloud services like AWS. In the same way they undercut retail competition, Amazon is fiercely competing in digital services and exploring new horizons. Unfortunately, profits are being made from the loyal retail customers.

You see, the hot dogs that were once offered free are no longer offered. Neither are the heavily discounted items. Stores like Walmart and Best Buy are fighting for their lives and this means a reversal in trends when Amazon was the big price cutter. In addition, their shipping is actually free.

Unfortunately, some Amazon customers are in the dark. They are also committed with the ridiculous Prime Membership fees. They may think they are getting value but Amazon lags in the instant movie and TV space.

The message is to shop around. Don’t foot the bill for Jeff’s ruthless endeavors to destroy brick and mortar and don’t fund his experimental money losses.